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  • Interfacial Tensiometer
    Details : The SIGMA 2000 interfacial tensiometer is a fully automatic device for the measurement of interfacial tension in transformer oil accord. to ASTM-D971 and IEC60422. No previous knowledge of IFT measurement is required, the step-by-step instruction on the large LCD display guides you
  • Oil Sampler Kit
    Details : ENERGY Support developed the Contamination-Free Oil sampling Kit with temperature Control, to avoid any misinterpretation of Oil samples. Results are strongly dependent on Temperature and Oil Ageing Conditions. So don´t miss the information about Oil temperature when you take your
  • Online Dissolved Gas Analysis
    Details : Automatic on-line analysis of 11 gases The analysis is done in 2 steps with high selectivity and accuracy fully compliable with laboratory procedure. Degassing of the taken oil sample through vacuum extraction ( acc.DIN/IEC 60567/567 Dissolved gas analysis through gas chromatography with
  • Pocket Titrator KF
    Details : The versatile coulometer – simple titrating! The Pocket Titrator KF is a truly portable and easy to use coulometric titrator: Titrations with electrochemical reagent generation – simple by one “click” in the user-friendly software. The microprocessor with high
  • Portable Gas Chromatograph
    Details : State of the Art Technology – Portable Gas Chromatograph Available in different versions Fully automatic measurement procedure Fully compliant with ASTM D3612 and IEC 60567 Automatic sample injection High Sensitivity through Vacuum Degassing High Selectivity through Gas
  • Tan Delta Test Set
    Details : Automatic Dielectric Constant Tan Delta & Resistivity Test Set –TDM 4000 The TDM-4000 is an automated instrument for measuring the electrical characteristics of transformer oil, insulating liquids & other insulating material samples. The TDM-4000 measures Capacitance,
  • Top Toga Autosampler
    Details : The TOP-TOGA Autosampler is an easy-to-use and rugged sample tray for full vacuum degassing of transformer oil samples. It is designed for optimum value, time saving and excellent performance. There is no more need for changing sample containers; once the oil sample is taken from the
  • Total Gas Content
    Details : Automatic analysis of the dissolved gases in oil-filled transformers  The analysis is done in 2 steps which guarantee a very high selectivity and sensitivity of the determination of dissolved gases:  Gas separation by means of fully vacuum degassing ( accord. to DIN EN 60567,

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